Transportation over inland waterways

Donrechflot is highly experienced in transporting dry bulk cargoes over inland waterways of Russia.

Total deadweight of its fleet is 110 thousand tons. The company controls dry bulkers of up to 5000 tons deadweight, the Volgo-Don type, towing and barge fleet (the OT-1500, the OTA-800, the MB, the Ozerny), the 03020/03040, R-79 design barges. The river navigation vessels of the company deliver cargoes to all ports of the European part of Russia and sea ports Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, Saint-Petersburg, as well as to roads mooring of port Kavkaz. The main cargo traffic of the company is sulfur delivered along the route Buzan – port Kavkaz. The range of cargoes transported is dominated by fertilizers (potassium muriate, ammonium sulfate), as well as grain cargoes and coal.