Social policy

  • Social programs for students

    One of the main staffing objectives of the company is raising the prestige of seafaring. This is why Donrechflot is interested in creating specialized cooperation programs with fleet higher educational establishments. Since 2008, a special social program for cadets of the Rostov branch of the Federal state educational institution of higher professional education "Moscow State Academy of Water Transport" (FGOU VPO "MGAVT"; at present – Water college of G.Ya. Sedov Water transport institute) has been on.

    The program involves making a trilateral contract between JSC "Donrechflot", the educational institution and the student. The shipping company undertakes to provide sea-going practical training and employment of the cadet after his graduation from the college.

    Moreover, throughout the contract term (including the army service), a special company scholarship is paid to the student.

  • Mortgage program

    Since 2006, the company has had the housing mortgage program on for the staff. The employees who have less than 18 square meters of housing per family member are eligible for the program.

    Donrechflot pays off half the interest rate of the mortgage for the employees on the program. If housing is purchased in a developer's project provided by Azov-Don Shipping Company, the employer is ready to provide a 60% compensation for payback of the interest on the credit.

  • Voluntary health insurance

    The shipboard and coast personnel of the company are provided with voluntary health insurance policies. They cover modern clinics, hospital treatment, emergency hospital admission, dental treatment. For the shipboard personnel, the policy also includes insuring life and health for going abroad.

  • Bonuses for the staff

    Bonuses are an important part of the company's social policy. Bonuses are paid on the occasions of professional festivals, as well as for performance of special tasks.

    Special retirement bonuses are provided for the employees of the shipping company who have worked in the river transport system for over 10 years continuously. Material aid is also rendered to former employees of the company – pensioners, veterans of war and labor.

  • Charity

    Charity material aid is rendered on an ongoing basis to the South District military veterans hospital and to Rostov correctional Children's home No. 2. Alongside with this, educational and sport organizations of the region receive material aid. JSC "Donrechflot" spends over 4 mln rubles annually for charity purposes and internal social programs.

  • Leisure

    Special attention is paid to leisure. Donrechflot organizes a big family festival on the occasion of Sea and River Fleet Workers' Day. The employees who have worked in the system of river transport for over 10 years are provided with health resort treatment at the account of the company.

    Weekend tours to the Black Sea for the staff and their families are organized every year. Subsidized travel warrants for children's recreational camps (5% from the total cost) are provided for children of the company's employees.