Personnel policy

Competent and highly qualified personnel is one of the fundamental values ensuring the steady progress of JSC «Donrechflot».

The company is aiming to be a priority choice employer for the professionals who are ready to cooperate in achieving the set strategic and tactical tasks. One of the ways of carrying out the personnel policy is working together with specialized educational institutions, looking for and taking on young high potential professionals.

Donrechflot is undertaking a complex adaptation program that is aimed at creating favorable conditions for speeding up the integration of the new employees into the staff and efficient application of their knowledge and skills. When reviewing the amount of material incentives for the personnel, the level of inflation is analyzed regularly and taken into account. Social benefits are part and parcel of the compensation package.

The company is developing its corporate culture so that high efficiency and effectiveness were its fundamental principle at each and every workplace. Special attention is paid to training, development and career planning for the employees.

Furthermore, JSC "Donrechflot" believes efforts towards building an intracorporate communication system, exchange of knowledge, collection and implementation of ideas and initiatives suggested by its employees to be an important component of pursuing its personnel policy.

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